Kispar Vaar iss Shanivaar?
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  • November 15, 2014
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Tonight's episode will take all the contestants back into their sweet childhood memories as Salman would surprise them by showing their childhood pictures and wish them ‘Happy Children’s Day’! Awww shoo shweeeet!! This was just not to make them happy but it was a strong message telling how as children they all were innocent and carefree with flawless hearts. I hope they get the hint!


Also playfully, Salman challenges Sonali to make ‘Gol Rotis’ which was one of the topics during the week that put Dimpy and Sonali into a fight.


On a serious note, Salman asked the new captain about how happy he feels? Salman also commented “Frankness aur Rudeness mein zameen aasman ka farak hai.” Gautam listened to him all this while without prompting in between, In fact he got a little overwhelmed in between. I wonder if someone noticed? Salman also advised him to change his image in the house through his captaincy. When asked about Praneet for his extreme reactions, Praneet said he felt severely hurt hearing their friendship was calculated in percentage! Panditji, quite possible Gautam’s favorite subject was Math! *Ehehehehe*


Puneet who still stood strong in support of Gautam, stated “Pehle luxury budget inke liye sab kuch tha, magar iss captain ke liye iss week ke luxury budget se inhe koi lena dena nahi,that’s so wrong” taunting on rest of the Housemates.He meant to say was,once whichever Captain is chosen, the housemates should abide by the orders and shoudn’t disobey bringing personal indifferences! Agree Punzz! What was Salman’s answer to this? Who will get justice and who will be answerable? Watch the drama unfold tonight!


Weekend ka Vaar Salman ke saath!


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