Kishan and Bhoomi to leave the house! Sanskaar Recap 23rd- 29th August
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Bhoomi came to the hotel room where Akshay had kept Avni and rescued her, but was shocked to see Ankit escaping with Akshay on his bike. Kishan and Bhoomi then brought Avni home, after which all hell broke loose about Avni’s condition. 

Mayank blamed Bhoomi for Avni’s condition but Kishan defended his wife and instead told everyone what Bhoomi had told him, that Ankit was involved in Avni’s humiliation. Kishan slapped Ankit but Ankit showed the whole family a staged tape of him fighting with Akshay to save Avni.

Ankit blamed Bhoomi for the misunderstanding and alleged that she was taking revenge by spoiling his name because she was against his decision to marry Bharti. Ankit acted hurt and pretended to leave the house, but Ramila stopped him. She confronted Kishan about him trusting Bhoomi over Ankit, and ranted about how he didn’t deserve the mother’s love that she had showered on him. After declaring that the Vaishnav family had always ill-treated Hasmukh and his sons, Ramila demanded that her family be given their share of the property.

Ansu Baa was shocked to hear this and refused to agree to Ramila’s demands. Ramila also instigated the family about the car Kishan had bought for himself, and refused to listen to Kishan when he explained that it was a gift for Dilip.

Bharti was very happy when Kishan and Bhoomi were cornered by Ramila and Mayank, who said that Bhoomi’s presence was bad for the morals of the family, and asked her to stay away. She confided in Ankit that he would soon be the MD of the company.

This issue caused a fight between Bhoomi and Kishan when Kishan asked her to stop blaming Bharti for the entire ordeal. On the other hand, Mayank too fought with Lily when the latter said that Mayank was to blame for Avni’s condition as he had never taken her likes and dislikes into consideration.

Mayank continued his rant against Bhoomi, declaring that Bhoomi was casting a bad influence on Avni, and threatening to leave the house if Bhoomi didn’t go away. Bhoomi got a vision of the Maharishi, who asked her to keep her faith so that the family would stay together.

Parul talked to Kishan and asked him to think about Bhoomi before taking any decision After this, Kishan went to Ramila and promised her that he would leave the house if she would take back her demand of dividing the property. On the other hand, Mayank made Bhoomi cry by yelling at her in Avni’s room, and repeating his ultimatum of leaving the house.

Kishan told Bhoomi that they were leaving the house, but when Kishan told this decision to Ansu Baa, she slapped him and asked him to go back on his promise. Parul tried to make Ramila budge from her decision, but Ramila stuck to her stand of making Kishan leave. Bharti, on the pretext of hugging Bhoomi, gloated that the Vaishnav family was finally under her control. Parul tearfully bid goodbye to her son and daughter in law, and finally Kishan and Bhoomi went to Ansu Baa’s room room to take her blessings before they left the house so that the rest of the family could stay together.

Will Kishan’s decision help the family or will Kishan and Bhoomi’s absence pave way for more of Bharti’s attacks?

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