Kishan and Bhoomi to consummate their marriage!
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Love is in the air in Sanskaar in the coming days. Now you might think that with all the fighting that’s going on between Kishan and Bhoomi, romance might be the last thing on their minds. But it’s true. Kishan and Bhoomi will soon take their relationship to the next level and start their married life in true earnest.

This will definitely come as good news for fans of the couple who want to see them come closer. Kishan and Bhoomi are as romantic as any other in-love couple, but most of the times they have been interrupted by someone or the other barging into their room. 

Also, Kishan wanted to put off starting a new life together till Ansu Baa gave her blessings to the marriage. And now with Ansu Baa accepting Bhoomi as her ‘Bahu Rani’, all the obstacles in the way of this couple have been cleared.

Right now, there’s just one problem between the couple, and that is Bhoomi’s anger with Kishan. She didn’t take Kishan’s yelling at her about Paddy’s contract too well, and decided to go mute in front of Kishan, which is a cause of great worry for Kishan. 

But now, all differences and distances between the couple will be eliminated (ahem, ahem) and Kishan and Bhoomi will go all out in their romance. Ansu Baa has advised Bhoomi to behave with Kishan as a lover would, and not a wife. (We wonder what this cryptic advice meant) So taking this advice, Bhoomi and Kishan will consummate their wedding in a very romantic sequence. And to heat things up a little more, the entire sequence will take place on a rain soaked night. Phew!

This sequence was shot recently, and the audience will soon get to see the romantic side of Bhoomi and Kishan soon. So don’t miss this uber-romantic scene in Sanskaar! 

Watch an exclusive sneak peek of the scene here.

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