Kishan and Bhoomi patch up: Sanskaar Weekly Recap 21st -27th June
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Bhoomi tried calling Kishan after Parul’s advice but Kishan refused to answer her call, making Bhoomi break down in tears. Even Dilip failed to convince Kishan about forgiving Bhoomi. (Watch Bhoomi’s pain here)

Ansu Baa spoke to Bhoomi’s Nani on call, and when Nani tried to apologize for shooting her mouth off, Ansu Baa stopped her and assured her that everything would be alright soon.

The next day, Kishan got restless as he couldn’t find Bhoomi anywhere, and was shocked when Parul told him that Bhoomi had left the house after Ansu Baa yelled at her for toying with the family’s prestige. (Watch as Kishan gets the shocking news)

Kishan confronted Ansu Baa for firing Bhoomi, and defended her saying that her actions were for the good of the family. 

Kishan was about to look for Bhoomi, but was surprised to find her at home. Ansu Baa made Kishan realize his mistake of misunderstanding Bhoomi, but Bhoomi was unable to take it and left the scene in tears. (Watch as Kishan understands his mistake)

Bhoomi refused to patch up with Kishan, even after Kishan tried his best to make her smile and forgive him. (Watch Kishan’s cute efforts here)

After Kishan’s attempt of decorating the room and giving Bhoomi a romantic surprise failed, Karsan advised him to keep up his efforts to woo his wife back.

On the other hand, Ketki was jealous of the attention that was being showered on Bhoomi and tried to catch Dilip’s attention by pretending to hurt her foot. But this plan was foiled as Avni came running to her aid. 

Kishan finally succeeded in pacifying Bhoomi when he wore a T-shirt that said ‘I am sorry’ and confessed his undying love to her. Kishan was thrilled when Bhoomi responded to his love, but the romantic mood was spoiled as Bhoomi screamed on spotting a lizard on the wall. (Watch as Kishan and Bhoomi patch up lovingly)

While Bhoomi slept in Avni’s room, Kishan vented his frustration of not getting any privacy to Dilip, after which Dilip decided to help Kishan. 

Ketki tried to spice up her married life by dressing up and serenading Dilip with a romantic song, but the moment was lost when Dilip got a call from a travel agent. Dilip’s conversation about a honeymoon package led Ketki to believe that they were going on a honeymoon, but she was heart-broken when she found out it was for Kishan and Bhoomi.

While Dilip surprised Kishan by telling him about the honeymoon plans, a jealous Ketki told the family that all of them were going for a picnic. The travel agent suggested that the whole family go to ‘Mount Abu’, which made the Vaishnav family happy. (Watch as Ketki ruins Kishan’s honeymoon plans)

The whole family, including Bhoomi, started the preparations but Kishan’s dejected mood puzzled Bhoomi. When she inquired about it, Kishan told her that she was too excited about the picnic, forgetting her husband in the process. Just as Kishan grabbed her, Ansu Baa called out to Bhoomi, disturbing the moment again. (Watch as Kishan and Bhoomi come close)

Kishan finally decided that he would enjoy his honeymoon while the whole family goes on a picnic.

With Ketki determined to spoil Kishan’s life, will Kishan and Bhoomi manage to come close? 

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