Kishan and Bhoomi get married in the face of odds! Weekly Recap 8th-14th March
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Ansu Baa finally found out that Ketki was responsible for Bharti’s fake jewellery and slapped her in front of the whole family. But this didn’t help as Bharti’s in laws refused to get their son married to her. Ansubaa couldn’t take the shock and collapsed, shocking the whole family. In the US, just as a dejected Kishan was getting ready to leave the country, Bhoomi decided to get married to him so that he could stay back in the US (Watch as Bhoomi convinces Nani about her decision)

But while leaving, Bhoomi and Gayatri had a confrontation where Gayatri warned that she would go to any lengths to stop Bhoomi from marrying Kishan.

Bhoomi had a hard time convincing Kishan to marry her, who said that he didn’t want Bhoomi to suffer for his mistakes. Bhoomi tried to get Kishan to confess his feelings for her, but he was adamant about staying silent, till some divine intervention forced him to say ‘I Love You’ to Bhoomi (Watch the miracle here)

Kishan was ready to marry Bhoomi, on the condition that he informs his family before the wedding. But since his parents were around Ansu Baa, he had to inform Lily Bua. Ansu Baa, to make up for Ketki’s mistake, vowed that she would get Bharti to marry Kishan (Watch Ansu Baa’s promise here)

Parul was angry about Ansu Baa not asking Kishan before her promise to Bharti but Hasmukh manipulated Lily and Parul in a way that they didn’t come to know about Kishan’s wedding, and thought that he was happy with Ansu Baa’s decision.  (Watch the scene here)

Gayatri came to know about Bhoomi’s wedding plans and rushed to stop them with the help of Rammy. But Kishan and Bhoomi reached the temple with Nani and Shaukat and got married in an intimate ceremony (Watch the wedding here

With Kishan and Bhoomi now man and wife, their families’ reactions will be to watch out for. Will the Vaishnav family accept Bhoomi as their daughter-in-law? And will Gayatri get over her hatred for Indians and see the good side of Kishan?

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