Kiran tells Trisha about her kidnapping: Synopsis- Episode 3 #24
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Driving away from the shooters at the theatre, Jai presses the dead man’s thumb to his mobile scanner. Just then, Trisha calls to say she talked to Kiran, who said she and Janhvi have gone for a drive in a friend’s new car. Trisha still feels something’s amiss, so Jai asks her and Abhay to go back and wait at Aram Nagar until the girls return. 

At his hideout, Yakub is furious that Shaina is trying to extort more money from him, and refuses to pay until she produces Max’s ID. Yakub then calls Dev, who has parked his car at a desolate spot, and says there will be a slight delay. After the call, Dev returns to the car, where Janhvi, her arm broken, moans in pain. 

Back at the hotel, Naina is furious that Aditya & Prithvi have left without informing anyone, SFG agent Pradhan assures her that they will find Aditya, just then a subordinate informs him that they have been able to put a trace on the car that Aditya and Prithvi left in. Meanwhile, Aditya and Prithvi pull into an underpass on the highway, where a couple of teenage thugs are smashing tubelights. 

Jai arrives at the ATU and from a hidden corner asks Nikita to print out the downed plane’s passenger list and wait for him in his cabin as he wishes to talk to her alone. As she leaves, Jai walks in and tells Jiah about Wasim’s death, and gives her the SD card Wasim gave him, saying he needs it decrypted immediately. Jiah says that given the level of encryption that could take time but she can confirm if the data came of Nikita’s computer if she got enough time alone on her workstation. Jai promises to buy her time and then goes to his office and takes the passenger list from Nikita, asking if she thinks someone at the Agency could be behind the hit on Aditya Singhania. She asks if he has any leads, but he doesn’t say anything. Nikita starts to leave, but then Jai sees Jiah still working at Nikita’s desk to verify that the SD card was encoded on her computer, so he stalls Nikita by asking if there is something serious going on between her and Tej. Nikita dodges the question, and then Jiah calls to say the card was definitely coded on Nikita’s computer.  

The technician calls Jai to say there’s no record of the dead man’s thumbprint, which means he either doesn’t exist, or has “friends in very high places.”

At the desolate spot, Janhvi finally wakes up, and when Dev and Rohit are arguing a short distance away about how no one was supposed to get hurt in the job, Kiran and Janhvi bolt from the car. Back at the ATU, Jiah asks Jai if they should shut down Nikita’s confidential access, asking pointedly if Jai dated Nikita and if he is trying to shield her. 

Meanwhile, Kiran and Janhvi run into a side street, where they bump into a pimp. They ask for his help but he pushes Kiran away and attempts to molest Janhvi. Kiran grabs a stick fallen on the ground and beats the pimp who runs away, not before dropping his mobile phone. The girls pick up the phone and begin running as the boys are in the vicinity.

At the hideout, Mehr tries to convince Shaina to produce the ID card, but after a lot of discussion, Shaina convinces Mehr to hold out for more money. Meanwhile, Aditya meets KK in the underpass demanding to know what happened on the night of his graduation. KK informs him that he destroyed the police report and silenced all witnesses. When Aditya says that he never wanted this to happen, KK tells him that the he only follows the party high command’s instructions i.e. Naina Singhania’s. 

Back at the ATU, Jai corners Nikita and asks her about the key card. She denies any knowledge of it, but can't explain how someone else might have used her computer to produce it. Back at the hideout, Yakub finally pays Mehr and Shaina and suggests the three of them go to get Max’s ID. 

At the deserted warehouse, Kiran and Janhvi finally find a hiding place and Kiran calls Trisha and begs her to come for them right away as they have been kidnapped. Trisha updates Abhay who happens to know the location where the girls are at and they leave immediately. 

Back at the ATU, Tej learns Wasim has been killed and knows that Jai was with him only an hour ago. He asks Jiah to open a socket on his computer so he can find out what happened, but she says that she is busy doing something confidential for Jai. Out on a deserted road, Shaina leads Yakub and Mehr to the buried ID card, and as soon Yakub has it, fake Max shoots Shaina. He next aims at Mehr, but Yakub tells him to stop, and walks Mehr back to the car. A few minutes later, at the ATU, Jai and Nikita watch as Jiah calls up data that shows the SD card was coded on Nikita’s computer during a weekend when Jai and Nikita were away together. Jai says he’s glad to learn Nikita didn’t double-cross him, but she is furious that he ever considered the possibility. As she leaves in tears, Tej watches and then makes a phone call to RAW. 

Meanwhile, Kiran and Janhvi are being pursued by Rohit and Dev. Janhvi squeezes her way through a narrow iron gate, as Kiran is attempting the same she gets stuck. Just then a speeding car hits Janhvi and she flies across the road and falls to the ground almost dead. As Kiran screams helplessly, Dev and Rohit reach her and drag her away. 

As Dev and Rohit take away a screaming Kiran, Janhvi gasps, barely alive. 

The clock counts down to the hour.

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