Khushi takes her torture to another level! Weekly Recap (12th-18th December)
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Just as the Bhardwaj family thought they had gotten rid of Khushi, she came back from the jail and took the baby back from Simar inspite of her pleas to keep the baby and ordered the whole family to do some back-breaking work. She also taunted everybody about leaving their designated area and coming out in the house. When Simar was done with her work, Khushi humiliated her by pouring water on the floor and asking Simar to clean up again.When all this was happening, Siddhant left for work, tearfully confessing to Roli that he couldn't watch his family members in so much pain, and promised to work hard to get them out of this condition. Veeru asked Khushi to stop torturing the family members. But instead of giving up, Khushi confided that she had a great plan to make the Bhardwaj family suffer.

 Roli and Manoranjan met at their usual spot and Roli confessed her fear that the plan to trap Veeru won't work. Just as Roli was contemplating giving up on the disco visits, Manoranjan had an idea and called up Ramlal naatak mandali. Siddhant was in office when Naina walked in with a cold and the whole office started laughing at her for her clumsiness. Siddhant praised her to shut everybody up, for which Naina was grateful. In the evening, Shailu and Sattu come home with the news that they have gotten jobs. Prem was disheartened that he was the only one not contributing to the family. Just then, Khushi called for all of them. When they went down, she lovingly apologized to them and took them to the main living area. She offered Mataji some sweets as an apology and presented her with mithai boxes, too. But the family was shocked when they realized that she had changed the name of Dadduji Sweets to Khushi sweets!

 Mataji was devastated and was inconsolable about the fact that her last link to her husband was broken by Khushi. Simar assured her that everything would be better soon. In Siddhant's office, Naina's condition worsened so he took her to the doctor. When he called Roli to inform her, she had to talk rudely to him in front of Veeru. At Bhardwaj house, Veeru was shocked that Khushi executed her plan without her help which meant that she didn't need him anymore. When Prem came back, Khushi taunted him about being the only non-working member of the family and offered him a job. Prem replied that he would not work for a manipulative woman like Khushi, leaving her fuming.

But Simar was very upset over the episode and declared in front of Roli that she would support Prem and the family henceforth. After this conversation, Roli was leaving for the disco when she was stopped by Veeru. She blew him off and met Rahul, the naatak mandali guy who was acting like her boyfriend. He turned out to be a very shy and awkward guy who called Roli 'didi'. But the ploy worked and a distraught Veeru followed them on his bike for a long time. On the other hand, Siddhant accompanied Naina home and also cooked food for her as she was very sick.

 Roli was stopped by Veeru after she was back from the date, where she again reminded him that she was Khushi's slave and showed him the diamond bracelet given to her by Rahul, which made Veeru very jealous. The next morning, Simar informed the family that she was going for some important work but refused to reveal anything. Veeru and Roli's cat and mouse game continued, with Roli pretending to talk to Rahul and fighting with Siddhant in front of Veeru. A frustrated Veeru confronted Roli and promised her that he would give her anything that she wanted, a claim that Roli laughed off. To add to his troubles, Khushi caught him talking to her, but he was able to brush it off. Simar's important work turned out to be going to sweet shops across the city to get some work. But inspite of her efforts, she failed to get any work for Dadduji sweets.

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