Khushi goes to jail! Sasural Simar Kar 6th-11th December Written Review
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At Khushi's Diwali party, she pushed Mataji when she tried to stop the music and Mataji fell down. Prem wanted to retaliate but was stopped by Simar. Mataji decided that there would be no fighting during Diwali and the naamkaran pooja continued in their room. Roli taunted Veeru about inviting low class people to his party and also reminded him that it was Khushi's party and he was also enjoying for free. When Veeru said the same thing to Khushi, she insulted him by claiming that she was the owner of the house.Panditji tried to do the pooja but got angry due to all the loud music being blared by Khushi and left the pooja incomplete. Simar broke down in front of Mata Rani and asked her for a miracle for a baby. Just then, Panditji opened the door to leave and saw the police standing at the door!

The police came in and arrested the merrymakers for playing loud music. The inspector asked Mataji who the owner of the house was. Khushi came down holding the baby and tried convincing the police that she could not leave her daughter alone. But Simar assured the inspector that she would take care of the baby so Khushi had to hand the baby over to Simar and go to the police station. Simar and the family are delighted that their baby is back with them and all of them hug the baby. Mataji decided that the Naamkaran ceremony will happen in Matarani's mandir and everyone started preparing while Simar gets the baby ready.

Back at the police station, Khushi and Veeru had a big fight over whose fault it was and they get thrown behind bars. On the other hand, Bhardwaj family was decorated for the ceremony where Roli named the baby 'Anjali' and promised her that she will get her back to her mother. Mataji also gave a small gift to Anjali and assured the family that when the family gets their property back, she will have a big function for Anjali. Mataji also requested Manoranjan to go back to her place and come back when times were better but Manoranjan insisted that she would stick by them during their tough times too! Meanwhile, Khushi vows to get out of jail and punish Bhardwaj family.

Bhardwaj family celebrated Diwali in their house but Simar was sad about not getting to see her daughter in the future. Roli talked to Siddhant and they lovingly patched up. But Siddhant had to leave for office at night for some important work. Naina also came to help him and they were up all night, working together while Roli was awake, waiting for Siddhant at home. The next day, the whole family gathered in front of Mata Rani and prayed together. But just then, Khushi came back, shocking everyone!


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