Khushi and Veeru are thrown out of the house! Sasural Simar Ka Weekly Recap 26th June-2nd July
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After Siddhant left the nautanki venue in a huff, Khushi confronted Jhumki and asked her to join them for double the payment. But Jhumki insulted them and went home, where the family was still happy about the nautanki performance. Mataji was worried to see Siddhant upset, but before Siddhant could reveal the truth, Khushi and Veeru asked the family to pack their bags as they had found proof against Jhumki. This lead to Jhumki losing her temper and she yelled at Veeru and Khushi in front of the whole family. (Watch the scene here

Jhumki tried to console Siddhant as he missed Roli, but Siddhant refused to talk to her, leaving Jhumki concerned about him. (Watch as Jhumki feels Siddhant’s pain)

Siddhant later apologized to Simar and decided not to tell the family about Jhumki, but his heartbreak about losing Roli was obvious.

Khushi decided to use Bantu against Jhumki and tried bonding with him by giving him company while drinking milk. But Bantu mixed something in her milk and harassed Khushi, proving that he was on Jhumki’s side. Later, Khushi took her revenge on Bantu by manhandling him, and forced him to reveal Jhumki’s truth. Jhumki saw this and pushed Khushi off, and declared that she was Jhumki when Khushi provoked her. (Watch as Jhumki challenges Khushi)

When the family left to go to the temple, Khushi again caught hold of Bantu and threatened him to tell Jhumki’s truth on record. Bantu managed to escape, but a furious Jhumki thrashed Khushi with a broom for troubling her brother. (Click here to watch Jhumki thrash Khushi)

Jhumki’s mission against Khushi continued as she made Khushi cook for the whole family as it would be her last day in the house. Khushi added a lot of chilly powder to the food, hoping to teach the family a lesson. But Jhumki turned the plan on its head by feeding Khushi the first bite, making her run for water. (Watch as Khushi falls victim to Jhumki)

Khushi recorded Jhumki as she declared her true identity, but Bantu and Jhumki managed to chase her and get the disc from her, making her lose the last chance to prove Jhumki wrong. (Watch the funny sequence here)

The Bharadwaj family decided to throw a party to celebrate the ouster of Khushi and Veeru, but the two of them decided to take a chance and expose Jhumki once and for all.Veeru asked a waiter to mix alcohol in Jhumki’s drink and then provoked her. Jhumki then created a scene in the party, announcing that she was Jhumki, which shocked the family. (Watch Jhumki’s drama here)

Just as Khushi felt triumphant and was dragging Jhumki out of the house, Jhumki stopped her and told her that she was pretending to be drunk to expose Khushi’s plan. The whole family then drove Khushi and Veeru out of the house inspite of Khushi’s pleas, and then celebrated the fact that their happiness was finally back. (Watch as the family unites against Khushi)

Will Khushi lay low after being thrown out? And how will Jhumki’s truth affect the family? 

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