kasam : Will Rishi’s mother succeed in separating Tanu and Rishi?
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Lohri celebrations are on full swing and suddenly out of nowhere, a rabbit appears. Rishi on seeing the rabbit starts to chase it and ends up slipping and hanging from the edge of the dam. Everyone in the house is so busy with the celebrations that they don't notice Rishi missing and it's only Tanu who hears Rishi's cries for help. Tanu runs in the direction of the voice and rescues Rishi from drowning in spite of the strong currents of water. The villagers reach the spot and instead of taking the children to see the doctor, they take them to a nearby ancient Kali temple. In the temple they met a Kali worshiper. The moment she sees the children, she declares in front of everyone that Rishi and Tanu are united by their stars forever and beyond, and that they will unite in every birth, no matter what. She also announces how Tanu and Rishi need to get married before Rishi turns 23 or else Rishi would end up dying. Rishi's mother Rano who isn't too thrilled with the idea of getting her son married to Tanu wants her family to leave and shift to America and never come back. Rano tries really hard to convince her husband as she is worried about the growing proximity between Tanu and Rishi. Will Rano be successful in taking her entire family to the U.S? Will Rishi and his lady love Tanu separate because of Rishi's mother Rano? To find out watch Kasam Monday to Friday at 10PM

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