Kasam: Tanuja decides to marry Abhishek for the sake of Natasha!
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Tanuja on Kasam has been fortunate enough to have found true  love not just once but twice in her life. Although she chooses to be one man woman on the show, she finds another man in her life, Abhishek who equally loves her. However, for Tanuja Rishi’s love is enough.





But destiny always plays its part. This week on Kasam we will see how Abhishek is told by her aunt to talk to Tanuja about marriage for the sake of Natasha and her custody. Abhishek tries to convince Tanuja but she refuses to do so.





She goes to temple disturbed; to find an answer on what she should do, and happens to meet Rishi over there. The pandit in the temple assumes they both are a couple and blesses them to stay happy forever.





Abhishek tells Tanuja that he has spoken to some other lawyer to challenge the case in the supreme court, if they lose listening to this Tanuja gets tensed. She eventually breaks down and asks Abhishek to marry her just for the sake of Natasha, as she doesn’t want to lose her.





All this while Rishi keeps asking Tanuja to come back to his life. Natasha and Tanya decide they will get Rishi and Tanuja married. Natasha shares this with Gauri, but the latter misunderstands thinking Rishi is getting married to Tanuja. She tells Rishi that Tanuja is coming to him forever and this makes Rishi go on cloud nine!





Next morning Tanuja comes with her engagement invitation card and seeing this Rishi gets shocked!

What will happen next on Kasam?

Tune in Mon-Fri at 6 PM!

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