Kasam: Tanuja and Rishi to get killed in a car crash?
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  • April 18, 2018
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In a shocking twist, Rishi comes to know the reason why Tanuja broke all the ties with him in past. Nethra’s truth gets uncovered. Rishi and Tanuja break down to think about the misunderstanding that separated them for so many years.  Tanuja emotionally even asks Rishi whether he would marry her again, and Rishi’s happiness knows no bounds to hear that.





The couple decides to return home next morning from children's camp but a jealous Nethra has some other plan. She decides to kill them. She asks the mechanic to make their car’s break nonfunctional.  Nethra’s plan works, on their way back home, Rishi realizes that the car break isn’t working. Sensing the danger Tanuja and Rishi decide to jump out of the running car.



During those crucial moments, Tanuja confesses to Rishi that she is indeed his Tanu. Unfortunately, they meet with an accident and land up in the hospital in a critical state. The families earnestly pray for their recovery but will they get better?






The doctor says the survival chances are bleak. Does this mean the end of their story in this lifetime?


Stay tuned to know!



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