Kasam Spoiler : Tanu’s life to get harsher after her parent’s death?
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  • March 15, 2016
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Life has come to a complete stand still for both Tanu and her sister Ahana after their parents get killed in a terrorist attack last week. Tanu's parents Virendar and Sharda on hearing about the terrorist attack in KD College decide to save their daughters, only to be caught between the cross firing and getting killed. Kuljeet and Bani (Tanu's chacha and chachi) who are at the railway station after scamming Virendar rush to the college after hearing the sad news, only to discover that both Virender and Sharda have been killed in the attacks.Now that Virendar is out of the way, Kuljeet and Bani decide to scam Tanu and Ahana of the remaining property and they do this by shedding fake tears in front of the sisters while they are still mourning the death of their parents. Will the rein of Tanu and her sister Ahana’s life be in the hands of their chacha and chachi- Kuljeet and Bani now? Faced with such adversity, how will Tanu and Rishi meet now? To find out watch Kasam, Tere Pyar ki

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