Kasam Spoiler: Pawan’s secret out in the open; Saloni to come clean!
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  • May 10, 2016
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Last week, Rishi after seeing Saloni’s pictures on Pawan’s phone decides to reveal the truth about him in front of the entire family.


Rishi who has lost his heart to Tanu ever since he laid his eyes on her cannot see anyone getting married to her. At first, on hearing about Bani’s commitment towards getting Tanu married, Rishi jokingly picked Pawan as her partner thinking that he would be turned down. However, his plan soon goes kaput when Tanu agrees to the match and their engagement is fixed.


After laying his hands on Pawan’s phone, Rishi along with his brother Manpreet take it upon themselves to find out about the relationship between Pawan and Saloni. While the engagement ceremony is going on, Rishi projects Saloni and Pawan’s images on the screen which leaves everyone in the family shocked. Furious with the turn of events, Raj (Rishi’s father) demands for an explanation saying that Tanu is like family and that he wasn’t willing to risk her future with him.



Pawan’s parents who don’t take well to this shocking new revelation demand the engagement be called off, but Pawan insists that they keep calm and the matter be sorted. On Tanu’s insistence that the matter be resolved once and for all, Pawan and his family agree to bring Saloni to the venue.


Is there actually something brewing on between Pawan and Saloni considering they have been seen meeting secretively in the past? Will this end Pawan’s engagement to Tanu?

Stay tuned to find out.

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