Kasam: Rishi to be jailed after he demands Tanuja to give him Natasha?
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  • August 30, 2017
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In the chain of events this week we will see how everyone in Bedi household gets to know that Natasha is Tanuja and Rishi’s child.


Rishi confronts Tanuja later telling her that now since it’s clear that Natasha is their offspring they both should come back to his life to which Tanuja straightaway refuses. Rishi then asks her to give him his daughter, listening to this Tanuja gets stunned; utterly scared she runs away from Rishi. Rishi chases Tanuja but bangs into Abhishek.





Tanuja picks up Natasha in her sleep and immediately leaves the place. Later its revealed that Tanuja has left for India.


Rano plays her part as she gets Tanya and Natasha from school telling the latter that her mother is busy. Everyone gets happy to see Natasha and all welcome her. Rano later calls up Tanuja telling that she would never give her Natasha back. Tanuja  breaks down and tells all the truth to Abhishek.  Abhishek immediately calls up the cops and files case against Rishi on the charges of abducting their daughter. The cops reach the Bedi house and find Natasha there. Rishi immediately gets arrested after this.






What will happen next? Rishi thinks Natasha filed a case against him and he gets mad at her saying that now she will have to face whatever happens.


What is Rishi talking about? Natasha is destined to be with whom?


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