Kasam: Nethra tries to create a misunderstanding between Tanuja and Rishi yet again.
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  • April 11, 2018
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Nethra’s insecurity to see Rishi and Tanuja’s growing closeness is quite evident now.  She makes a new plan to create a rift between the duo with the help of her mother, Kanchan.





She once again comes up with ways to get closer to Rishi. Tanuja confronts her and warns her to stay away from him but Nethra says that she is the one who stayed with Rishi for 8 years and that she loves him.





In one of the episodes this week we will see how Nethra fakes having temperature just to grab Rishi’s attention. She wants to create a situation where Tanuja catches them together and the incident once again creates a major misunderstanding between her and Rishi.





Tanuja actually sees them together in the restroom but knows Nethra planned it. Tanuja tries to make Rishi understand that Nethra’s intention is wrong but Rishi doesn’t agree.





In fact, Tanuja asks in front of everyone to check Nethra’s temperature, everyone gets shocked at this. Rishi once again defends Nethra. Rishi and Tanuja get into an argument due to this.



Does this mean Nethra will succeed in her plans once again?



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