Kasam: Abhishek catches Tanuja and Rishi confessing love for each other!
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This week on Kasam we saw how Rishi and Tanuja praise Nethra and Abhishek respectively to make each other feel jealous during Rishi and Nethra’s engagement ceremony.





More this week we will see how Abhishek and Rishi challenge each other to win the basketball match between the two. It would be interesting to watch who wins the game! Later they all would once again play the truth or dare game. When the bottle stops pointing at Nethra, Tanuja would ask if she has ever wronged anyone in life, Nethra will reply saying yes, that was for Rishi because she loved him. Rishi would think she is talking about the property papers however Nethra knows in heart how she created a misunderstanding between Tanuja and Rishi seven years back.





Later when its Tanuja’s turn she chooses to speak the truth, Rishi asks whom has she loved the most in life to which Tanuja replies saying her daughter’s father. Rishi further asks to name the person to which Tanuja answers saying she was supposed to give only one answer and she has done that and wouldn’t answer any more questions.





Later Tanuja and Rishi get into a verbal spat wherein they both blame each other for not loving each other. In the heat of the moment they both confess that they love each other, and Abhishek sees that and gets shattered! He leaves the scene immediately.





Later all get called for the engagement ceremony and before Rishi and Nethra are about to put ring on each other’s fingers Tanya meets with an accident and falls from the staircase. Tanuja sees Nethra and Rishi’s bond during this time and feels like an outsider and steps back.





Does the engagement finally happen? What will be Abhishek’s reaction after Tanuja faces him?


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