Karishma the New Villain of the House: Synopsis, Ep 43
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Real beauty lies not in the physical appearance, but in the heart, this statement surely made its way in Bigg Boss house today. After Minissha’s dramatic exit, Puneet is welcomed back into the house. Housemates wake up dancing on the tunes of ‘Nach Baliye’ little knowing what that day has in store for them.

During the process of yet another nomination, Captain Upen is privileged to pick out five names of his choice out in the open. Other housemates will then pick out their two nominations only from those five names inside the confession room. Shocked housemates go through an emotional turbulence while making their choices which were confined to the five names of Upen’s choice.

However, as soon as the drama of the nominations got over, it made way for yet another task launched by Bigg Boss. Karishma and Gautam are summoned to perform the same in the confession room, while other housemates will get a chance to watch the live feed of the task.

Gautam and Karishma were to choose amongst ten options given by Bigg Boss. As both of them are blindfolded they will hold yes or no placards to give their agreement or disagreement for a particular option.  The first three questions, on which Gautam and Karishma will mutually agree to, will be rewarded to the housemates.

At one point, Bigg Boss asked the two of them if they want Karishma’s make-up back followed by Daindra’s make-up. Gautam says no for both of them and Karishma says otherwise, which was probably expected by the housemates who were watching the game intently. But things took a horrid turn when Bigg Boss asked whether they would want to relieve Sushant from his sevak role which was a result of the big bomb dropped by Minissha post eviction.

Gautam says ‘yes’ while Karishma who is Sushant’s very good friend choses ‘No’. Shocked housemates were then dumbstruck by what they just saw. Not realizing her insensitive choice of saying no to release Sushant from the house duties, Karishma starts arguing with Gautam about getting her make-up

Gautam keeps his cool and tries to explain Kaishma that they should rather try saving Sushant than get her make-up back. Karishma who is in no mood to listen, just lashes out on Gautam stating that, he is a very ugly person who first convinced her to give up her make-up for Puneet and now when there is a chance to get it back he betrayed her.

Karishma literally shouts at Gautam further saying that, she doesn’t want to sit beside Gautam and that she doesn’t care about anything but her make-up. There was a chance for them to save any one of the nominated contestants too, but Karishma didn’t agree to that as well. After a lot of give and take of indecent words, Karishma finally agreed upon Sushant being relived, which was Gautam’s first priority always.

Sushant who is now very hurt by what Karishma has done is seen rushing to the washroom with teary eyes. Karishma when comes out gets to know the fact that everyone was watching her throughout the task. In order to save her friendship Karishma then goes on to explain Sushant and Diandra why did she did not relieve Sushant in the first place. Karishma says that respecting Minissha’s big bomb decision she didn’t want to relieve Sushant and also went onto confess that make-up was her first priority as she wants to look good.

The whole house turns against Karishma stating that what she did was not right and that she should have thought about her friends first and then her make-up. Upen also told Karishma that if she wanted to look good saying yes for saving Sushant could have made her look great.

How will Karishma come out of this pickle? Are Karishma’s true colours exposed? Is she the new villain of the house? How will she cope up with this guilt? 

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