Karishma makes a comeback!
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  • November 16, 2012
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We all know how Karishma went through a really hard time due to her father's demise while she was still inside the house and how she made an emergency exit leaving everyone sad. Karishma told us that it was her father's wish that she be a part of this reality show as it will be a great boost for her career and guess what? Karishma is back in the house! Well, consider it as her father's blessings that the beautiful calendar girl is all set to re-enter the house of excitement!

We got a chance to speak to her and she looked quite excited to go back to the house, “I am feeling quite okay now. This is because of my dad's blessing that Colors' has given me another chance to join the show.” After learning that housemates had been talking about her and missing her immensly, she added, “That's so sweet of all the housemates to be remebering me foor good reasons. I didn't know about my image in the house till I came out. It's very encouraging!”

We also gave gave her a heads-up about two new memebers in the house besides Aseem's eviction and her favourite Sidhu Ji's emergency exit. “Oh I will miss Sidhu Ji and Aseem. But, I don't have any pre-concieved notions about any new housemate. I will find my own comfort zone!”

Karishma is all set for her second innings in the Bigg Boss' House!

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