Karishma knows the way to a man’s heart!
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Psst Psst! I have something interesting to share! The kitchen queen of the season, Karishma, was heard sharing with her inmates how she has been brought up in an extremely strict family where the children aren’t allowed to watch movies and studies were always the main focus, Oh! So that means Karish, if not an actor you would have definitely been a doctor or an engineer? right?  

Elaborating on the same, she further  stated she got to watch movies only after she started going to college. Hmmm interesting! She mentioned how she was never pampered as a child and grew up in a joint family, also learnt cooking just one fine day and has not been formally trained as such by her mother. As being in a joint family her mother didn’t have much time to teach her. Well, I must say its appreciating to know that you learnt cooking just by watching your  mother cook Karishma! Too good!

Later Jokingly she also said “Bahar jaane ke baad kuch ho na ho,meri shaadi toh zarror ho jaayegi”. Well I am sure Karishma , your would be mother- -in-law is watching you and must be impressed with your culinary skills especially the ‘yummy daal’ that you make which is loved by your housemates. Things will be pretty easier for you in future! (winks)


Catch you later!



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