Karishma-Gautam become Jaani Dushman!
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  • November 6, 2014
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All isn’t over yet! Atleast, for this duo. For some people things never go well when it comes to getting along no matter how many chances life gives! Karishma and Gautam, who have set a bench mark this season for the level of fights they have had, cannot stand each other staying under one roof! So, while Karish was serving lunch Gautam requested for a little more as he had to serve to Puneetji, to which Karishma politely said she would, in the second round as many members were still remaining to eat,to which Gautam said “Thoda dedo,fir aap sab dabaa ke khaa lena” which offened Karishma and they both had a small rift there and then! Gautam,who is known to go overboard manier times makes me think does he do these things on purpose?


Tune in tonight for more Masala!


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