Karishma failed yet again! She could not prove herself to be a ‘Sacchi-dost’??
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This call was not just a part of the task, but gave one more chance to Upen to test Karishma’s friendship towards him. Being the caller, he asked the supervisor some questions that were desperately trying to be out of his heart since long. He started the conversation with the executive in a very flirtatious manner, Karishma who was too smart to fall for his tactics ensured she was all prepared to play the task head on. Upen went on saying that their friendship was much more beyond the petty game and she should realize that. He also said “Main aapki har baat manta hun,har galti mein bhi aapaka saath ek sacche dost ki tarah deta hun,magar log aapko log selfish bolte hain,yehi waqt hai ki aap unn sabko galat saabit karo.”  Karishma smiled and said that right now her priority was the game and that too for a small period and she assured him that the task in no way could decide the destiny of their friendship. Accha? She said she was convinced that nothing would go wrong with their friendship even if she didn’t hang the call. But, Upen kept on coaxing her to an extent wherein KT found herself to be in a ‘Dharm-sankat’ . She became modest as she said that though her friendship with Upen held a lot of importance in her life, but that moment there were four other people from her team looking upto their supervisor to make them win the task even in worst of scenarios.


But what happened after that? Did Karishma succumb to the situation making Upen win? Or it went other way round?


What’s the mystery behind? Catch everything tonight!


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