Karishma distracts Santosh’s Pavitra Pyaar!
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  • December 5, 2012
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Santosh Shukla, who came as a wild card contestant in the Padosi House, made it to the Bigg house recently. During his not so convenient stay in the mud house, Santosh found solace in Aashka's presence in the same house! His constant efforts to sweep the Damsel in Distress, Aashka off her feet were pretty evident as he was seen hitting on her thoughout. He confessed that he would do anything to win her over and marry her and that his love for her was ‘pavitra’ and ‘payas’.

Hilariously, Santosh said the same thing about Karishma after moving into the main house. Santosh was seen talking to the camera early in the morning amidst Vishal, Nirahua and Imam in the garden area. He addresses his message to the audience, production team, the channel and even Salman Khan! Santosh went on about how he wants to change his image as a big flirt in the house and he would change if only a decent girl like Karishma would enter his life as his wife.

The housemates who witnessed all the drama couldn’t help but laugh at this distracted man. And the icing on the cake was Karishma walking into them literally the minute he completed his plea to marry her on the show. Santosh blushes and quickly exchanges a few words with his new love. Imam adds his expert comments and says that Santosh’s swayamvar will happen in the show surely. Well, will Santosh change his love yet again or stick to Karishma?

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