Karishma and Pritam argue in the confession room
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  • October 15, 2014
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Guess what, these housemates have not  even spared the confession room of the destruction cause by the 'hudhud' cyclone.  Ms Khabri had her ears on the door of the confession room and she was shocked!

Looking at the fights during the task, Bigg Boss called the captains Pritam and Karishma in the confession room and warned them to make sure their respective team members don't get violent or break any rules during the task. Giving out justifications,  both the captains started arguing with each other with decibels so high, that even the door started thumping! They were blaming each others’ team for breaking rules. They kept on screaming and shouting at each other until Bigg Boss intervened. Bigg Boss asked them to keep calm, use their respective brains and be sane while doing the task. Both of them went out like how students go out after getting scolding from the school principal (Teeheheheh).

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