Karishma and Gracy will paint the JDJ9 stage red
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  • October 26, 2016
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This Saturday, gear up to see some really amazing performances by the JD9 contestants. The pressure of the competition has literally doubled up. No points for guessing that everyone is going all out and putting their best foot forward. 







Consistent performer, Karishma Tanna and cutie Gracy Goswami will take on the stage to perform a classical form on 'mohe rang do laal'. 










Very rarely does one see act with a choreography that's feels as light as the breeze.
Both looked as if they have stepped out of a Bhansali film and carried the act with utmost grace. The expressions and seamless hand movements made the act look magical. 








While judges thought Karishma had an edge over Gracy, we have someone who opines otherwise. 
Any guesses?





Catch this mesmerizing performance only on JDJ9 at 10PM on Saturday.

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