Karishma and Gautam’s love-hate relationship #BB #HallaBol
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Karishma and Gautam's rivarly is known to all. The two just cannot stay without fighting with each other. But we think when they fight in that too they do it with such underlying friendliness that we can't help but enjoy it! Here are few moments we noticed and that made us think that KT-Gauti's love-hate relationship is the kind made for movies!

1. While the very sight of each other would annoy them, yet they have set their eyes on each other's move

2. They say ” I dont want to see him/her” but would laugh the harderst at each other's jokes

3. They love to play games only with each other. The blame game!
4. They unknowingly support each other… always

5. “He/She doesn't exist for me” is what they proclaim, but theirs is the first heart to melt, when they see each other in trouble. 



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