Karishma and Diandra’s friendship on the rocks?
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  • October 24, 2014
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It really makes my heart sink to see Diandra and Karishma getting affected due the internal politics happening in the house. Since we all know how the two have been good friends ever since the beginning, it now looks like the things are supposedly drifting away from good to not so good . 

This week, as everyone in the house has been so anxious about selection of the next captain Diandra did not seem to be in good mood as she expected to get the maximum votes due to the previous task performance. When she asked Karishma whom would she give the vote to, Karishma replied very diplomatically that she would go with the majority! Ouch! She also added that she finds Sushant and Upen quite balanced and this is needed for the captainship. I also heard her calling Diandra 'snappy' at times and that it could go against her if she becomes a captain. And guess what? Diandra heard it too and  obviously did not like that. Well Karishma that is back stabbing for sure! Further to this, Diandra answered back saying that one should take decision on personal level and not blindly go with the perception of others, Diandra looked really heartbroken and upset! She murmured that every one in the house have  'Sheep mentality' and was absolutely miffed with Karishma. Psst Psst how can a ‘friend’ do that??


*Dials her friends number*






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