Karishma and Ali share unique stories!
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  • January 8, 2015
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You know what Karishma was telling Dimpy yesterday? No, no, she was not taking her frustration out, rather she told Dimpy that Gautam has been the reason for the best laugh she has had in the house!  So, the story goes like this- Last week, when Gautam was really missing his family and attempted to climb the boundary walls of the house to peep outside and know what was going on, remember? This was the second attempt that Gautam had tried during the same week and didn’t realize that KT was in the garden area too watching him acting weird. So she explained how he tried climbing up and got stuck midway that looked truly hilarious. Unable to take decision whether to go up or come down. All this while, Karishma was laughing while holding her aching stomach. Still he didn’t know that she was right there! That’s how KT reminisced how her favourite foe has been the reason for the best laugh in the house. How ironical is that now!


On the contrary, just after sometime, Ali was seen sharing with Dimpy that he is not what he looks like all the time. He meant to say that there is a totally different person inside him which hardly anybody knows. He made a statement “Iss joker ke peeche bohot serious aadmi hai, jo jaldi bahar nahi aata. Wo sirf apne maata-pita aur parivaar ke saamne aata hai.” Oh Ali that sounded a little eerie man!


Look, how different people think and perceive things at the same time. One finds a way out to laugh, whereas other finds a way to reflect on what he really is.



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