Kareena Gets Arrested On ‘Shakti’
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Previously on the show, Harman was seen feeding Saumya with his own hands when Rani and Raveena entered the house and asked Saumya to get food for them. Harman got furious at this and told them to leave the place. Surbhi and Nani were seen praying for Saumya.

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Kareena arrived with the other kinnars and tried to forcibly enter Saumya’s room. Harman stopped them and Kareena said that the child is part of their family and the rituals should be done at their place. She then added that the child will be called a kinnar’s son. She tried to snatch the child away from Saumya but Harman pointed a gun at Kareena and warned her that if they interfered in Saumya’s life again, he will not spare them. then he won’t leave them.

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The villagers gathered at the sound of the gunshot and Kareena took the opportunity to tell all the villagers the truth but the police interrupted. They showed Mallika’s picture to everyone and told them that they found her dead body. Other kinnars accused Kareena of killing Mallika didi and the cops dragged Kareena and took her to the Police station.

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In the coming episodes, we will see a shocking twist! Saumya will try to be a good mother to the child but Preeto has other plans for her!

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