Karan’s fourth time luck
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  • September 24, 2012
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One reality show to another, Karan Johar seems to be on a roll. His first time ever as a judge on a reality show was on Jhalak and we have all seen how entertaining was he! His comments, his bonding with other judges and his nok-jhoks with Manish Paul was a treat to watch. Now continuing that tradition, we will see KJo spread his charm on the sets of IGT.

But Karan didn't decide at an instant to join the show. When the non-fiction programming head of Colors, Manisha Sharma, persistently insisted that Karan should take up this show was when the director finally relented. Karan also went on to confess that he had been offered season 1 and season 2 of IGT but unfortunately he had to reject both due to time constraints and thsi time he claims to being fourth time lucky.

Well, we are happy to see Karan as a part of IGT 4 and we are already loving his funny comments and expressionas after watching the first two episodes. But Karan, in a recent interview, also expressed that even though judging Jhalak is fun for him, IGT is like an emotional investment. He is keen to hear human stories from the contestants, of how they left their work to follow their dreams. 

He got floored after watching our three-year old drummer, Angshuman Nandi, perform but equally disturbed after watching some outrageous acts. Well, that's IGT for you Karan and we have loads more to show you all! So don't miss IGT every Sat-Sun at 10pm on Colors.


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