Karan Patel aur Balraj Syal ne kiya humein har modh pe inspire kuch iss tarah!
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  • Nupur Jetly
  • last updated on
  • July 25, 2020
  • at
  • 8:02 am

On season 10 of the the mighty Khatron Ke Khiladi, Karan Patel and Balraj Syal have been two  of the most inspiring contenders. They have been daredevils and have faced every challenge that came their way like pros. They also made every task look effortless and kept their spirits high come what may. Being together in the final race, we can’t wait to watch them get over their fears one last time and prove themselves as the ultimate khiladis!

Karan Patel, known for many impeccable roles on television, walked in as the person oozing with nothing but confidence. With so many ups and downs in this journey, we have to admit how he seems more strong as person and one who looks at the bigger picture leaving his fear behind! On this Grand Finale weekend, we’re waiting for him to perform every stunt like a boss with baited breath!

A lot of times on the show, fear got the better of Balraj Syal but being the fighter he is, he never let it get to his head. He always made sure to be back with a bang and the result of it is in front of you. He is one of the final contenders and we cannot wait for him to overcome every challenge that comes his one more time and emerge as a winner! Are you ready to watch him take over?

Tune in tonight at 9 pm and tomorrow at 8 pm for the Finale weekend of this epic show!

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