Karan is tired of Isha and salman…
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  • August 4, 2012
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While the ten-on-ten jodi of Jhalak has been giving the best performances each week, it is irking the judges.


This week saw the water rise above their necks as Isha and Salman gave yet another aerial performance that was better than ever. The judges on Jhalak, especially Karan Johar couldn’t stop himself by saying that he is tired of them.


Actually, since the beginning of the show, the duo has been presenting new concept with lots of innovations. For every theme based week they have been coming up with stories that have either made the audience cry or just sit still in awe. Be it replicating ‘The Dirty Picture’ in two minutes or the last week’s performance on ‘Zindagi ka safar’, they have always got the best comments as well as full marks from all the three judges. Apart from 30 on 30, the duo has got standing ovations, ‘This is it’ by Remo, ‘Perfect’ by Madhuri Dixit and ‘A blockbuster performance’ by Karan.


But this time Karan couldn’t hide his exasperation as to why they can’t get a nine on ten. Commenting on their performance this time he said, “I have given you a standing ovation, given you full marks and even gave you a blockbuster, now should I just go out of the sets.”


Well, well, well, to this we can only say, compliments dene ka bhi hota hai andaaz apna apna!

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