Kanwar Dhillon to enter Na Bole Tum as Munna
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  • March 6, 2013
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We have heard the name ‘Munna’ from Daddaji, Beera and Ragini in the show earlier. And now the veil surrounding the character is about to be cast aside with Kanwar Dhillon’s entry as the fearful Munna. We already know that Daddaji trusts Munna implicitly with all his illegal businesses. And in keeping with this reputation, Munna will be seen playing an out and out negative character. 

With Beera switching sides to join Mohan against Daddaji, Ragini will call Munna and ask him to join Daddaji in Indore. And Munna, with his fierce loyalty towards Daddaji, will try to stop Mohan and his team from doing any more damage. He makes his entry on the show today. 

Kanwar Dhillon, though young, is not a rank newcomer. He is the son of veteran actor Deep Dhillon and has also been a part of a youth show, where he played the role of the antagonist, too. After the show, when he was offered the role of Munna in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha, took it up without a second thought. Though he has some experience of being the bad man, this time around, he decided to base Munna on Nana Patekar, and will be seen adopting certain traits of his while essaying the role.

Though Deep is proud of the fact that he has gotten all his roles on the basis of his talent and not his father’s recommendation, he also admits to taking his father’s advice while greenlighting projects. 

Now that he has agreed to play Munna in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha, he will do his best to ruin Mohan, Navika and Beera’s life, in the show of course. And in time, he hopes to win the audience’s hearts and make his own space among the much loved stars of the show. 

Here’s wishing the young lad best of luck!


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