Kamya lashes out on Sangram!
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  • September 24, 2013
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  • 3:02 pm

Sangram is one person inside the Bigg Boss house who appears to be humble and modest. But it so happened that he irked Kamya while she was busy doing the task. While the hell-mates were counting each and every minute to register an hour on the clock, the heaven-mates had to distract them and make them unsuccessful in the task. It was Sangram’s turn to interrupt Kamya and Pratyusha while they were doing the task and by mistake he called Kamya a ‘bechari’. She did not mind the first time he said it but lashed out on him when he repeated it the next time. Later however, Sangram had to apologize  to Kamya. Hmmm… Looks like Sangram has finally started to play his cards too.

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