Kamya is a one man army!
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  • December 9, 2013
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After the last week’s luxury budget task, best friends Kamya and Gauahar have been staying apart because of the growing differences. The tension between the ladies further gets amplified owing to Gauahar’s involvement in the nominations discussion along with Ajaz and Kushal. Kamya at different times during the day is seen talking about her differences with Gauahar and Kushal with Andy, Sangram and Ajaz. Noticing Kamya’s indifferent behavior, Kushal confronts her and asks her to clear out issues that she might have with them. 

Kushal also questions her integrity by questioning the friendship that Kamya shares with him and Gauahar. Hearing these accusations, Kamya defends herself by saying that she will stick to her principles and never encourage something that she believes is wrong even if her closest friends are involved in it. She, however, assures Kushal that she will always remain faithful towards her friends but never at the cost of the rules and laws of the Bigg Boss House. Kamya also clears the air saying that she has never intended to hurt anyone. She further elaborates that she is in the Bigg Boss house for a purpose and that she wants to play a clean game without being part of any group.

Will Kamya, Gauahar and Kushal come to terms with each other or will their relationship suffer with the growing competition? 

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