Kairi and Sasural Simar Ka families come together!
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Though the Colors family is one big happy unit, most of the times the members of this family are comfortable in their own shows and households. But when good times beckon, they come together to bask in each others' happiness. This is what is happening in the show Kairi where the Bhardwaj family from Sasural Simar Ka is participating in Anuj's wedding celebrations.


It is shown that Nirmala Devi Bhardwaj aka Mataji is Imarti Devi's childhood friend and has been invited 

by Imarti Devi to Gwalior to be a part of her youngest son Anuj's wedding ceremonies. Accepting this 

invitation, Mataji, along with her entire family, has arrived in Gwalior. This includes Simar and Prem, 

Roli and Siddhant, Manoranjan Mausi, along with the other members of the family.


The Bhardwaj family will be a part of the mehendi, sangeet and wedding ceremonies at the Imarti Niwas. The presence of the Bhardwaj family will create interesting incidents at the Imarti Niwas, especially between Imarti Devi and Manoranjan Mausi, who are shown to be at loggerheads with each other. 


“The whole Sasural Simar Ka team is really excited to be part of Anuj's wedding celebrations. We'll participate in all of the ceremonies here. I am excited especially about the sangeet as I enjoy dancing very much,” said Avika Gor, who plays Roli in Sasural Simar Ka.This enthusiasm is shared by Deepika Samson, who plays Simar in the show who says,” This feels like we have actually come to a different and new home and are actually participating in somebody's wedding.”


The unique thing about this Mahasangam is that while other show crossovers last for a day, this crossover between Kairi and Sasural Simar Ka will last a whole month. This emans that the fans of both shows will be able to watch the stars of these shows together for a whole week.


Seems like the Sasural Simar Ka team is all set to make Anuj's wedding a truly memorable affair! 

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