Kaamchor Kushal!
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  • December 3, 2013
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As a part of this week’s luxury budget task, Bigg Boss has asked the housemates to run a toy factory where they are required to make soft toys. The housemates will be divided into two teams that will be monitored by house captain Gauahar.

While Team A comprises of Andy, Tanisha and Sangram led by Armaan, Team B includes Kamya, Ajaz and Kushal being led by Sofia. Soon after the task commences at the ring of the buzzer, Kushal starts whining about their work station being placed in the wrong position making them bear the worst of the scorching afternoon heat.

He makes requests to shift the tables and raw material to a shaded area from where they can continue to work peacefully. But to his surprise, Gauahar refuses to let him do so. As a result, Kushal refuses to work completely and goes into a stop work mode.

Later, when Gauahar convinces him to get back to work and finish the consignment that has been ordered by Bigg Boss, he re-enters the game while being low on enthusiasm and leaves the toys unfinished making them go straight into the ‘Reject’ bin. Owing to Kushal’s careless and apathetic approach, the team suffers a huge loss and is unable to complete the consignment within the given time frame.

As compared to other team members, Kushal becomes an underperformer in the task leading to much disappointment and anguish amongst his fellow team members.

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