Jyotsana’s shades of grey
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She is on her way to make a mark as one of the most memorable grey characters of TV these days. However when Jyotsana Chandola auditioned for the character of Khushi, the show makers felt that Jyotsana didn’t have the looks of a ‘vamp’. “When I auditioned for this character, makers felt that I was too innocent to look grey. But it was my acting skills that impressed everyone and I got to play Khushi,” recalls Chandola.
Since then there is no looking back for this girl. Her character has been mould in different flavours giving her a strong place on the show and simultaneously it has given viewers a reason to hate her. Jyotsana is happy that people love to hate her on Sasural Simar Ka. “I am happy that I am getting to play so many shades of grey in one character. If viewers hate me then I am successful,” she adds.
It’s her long presence on the show with various negative impressions that led to this success for Jyotsana. First was with her entry on the show when she saved Sankalp and got married to him. “Billo Rani, a bar dancer saves Sankalp and gets married to him. She troubles the Bhardwaj family by playing divide and rule as her mother-in-law trusts her blindly and Khushi uses her as a weapon against the entire family,” she explains.
Khushi created the next milestone when she volunteered to become the surrogate mother to Prem and Simar’s child. “They wanted to throw Khushi out of the house but they couldn’t as Khushi was bearing their child. They wanted to throw away Khushi but at the same time they wanted their child from her. The scenario created quite a stir among the family and gave another chance to Khushi to show them her power,” Jyotsana tells you.
The third time was when Khushi gets the entire Bhardwaj property on her name. “At that time Khushi had the option to throw the family out. Instead she opted to keep them in the house and do all the activities like drinking, smoking, having non-vegetarian food to irritate the Bhardwaj family members to the core,” Jyotsana recalls.
She got on nerves of the Bhardwaj family yet again when she gave birth to Prem and Simar’s child Aarav. She let the child cry and wouldn’t do anything about it. Khushi also wouldn’t let anyone close to the child that gave pain to the family and attracted more hatred from Viewers.
Once again Khushi is back on the show and her current track as the long-teethed Ghoongat clad maid Rani has brought her accolades for her versatility as an actress. She has entered the Bhardwaj house by once again getting married to Sankalp in the mask of Soniya. “The track is going on and I am yet to play my part in this one. Viewers should watch out for me,” she concludes with a smile.

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