Just K(h)ant do without Salman
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When you are watching Salman, do not expect subdued humor instead be prepared for witty taunts and heavy doses of entertainment.

It’s very evident that ‘Bigg Boss’, as a brand is now synonymous with Salman Khan. 

If you take a look at the entire journey through the years, you will notice that Salman Khan has made a mark for himself. He has raised the bar season by season – in terms of his hosting style, his new ‘one liners’, his stage presence and his chemistry with the inmates. Salman has brought a lot of credibility to the show. There’s no doubt in saying that majority of the audience wait for his weekend episodes.

Salman Khan took over the show from ‘Season 4’, since then there was no looking back. The show has set a benchmark for all other reality shows on Tv. Where Season 5 had Sanjay Dutt, Salman Khan made sure to mark his presence every now and then. The last season was classy, watchable and had a feel good factor. Obviously, there were highs and lows, there was drama, there were fights – but, nothing became too ugly.

Though things landed flat on the face when Salman took a stand on Tanishaa. But he was doing his job as a host. If somebody who has already been abusing you for long, drops really dirty things on your head – and doesn’t stop at that, a reaction is what is least expected. Salman Khan stood up for what was wrong. Good, bad or otherwise is a call everyone has. The social stage went abuzz blaming Salman Khan of being biased, but the kind of person he is, he believes in brushing off such things.

At times he is harsh, at times loving. Whenever needed he tells them on their faces how bad they looked when they did something seriously wrong. He also appreciates the ones who deserve it. That is the real Salman Khan for you. If a contestant with an intention to kill other contestant grabs his neck – somebody definitely has to yell at the misbehaving one, right?

For some Salman Khan is a bad-ass down to his boots. Some love him for that. For fans, he is a charmer, a Dabangg. And for some he is the best thing on.

Salman’s poise on the show has a rough and tumble effect that is both offensive and entertaining. Imagine how out of place it would be to see Salman being all nice and diplomatic with the Bigg Boss participants, ‘respecting’ them, talking ever-so gently and politely. Naah, that’s not Salman Khan. 

We simply K(hant) imagine the show without Salman Khan, he adds the Wow to the Weekends and have been doing it from past 4 seasons. What do you think??

We will be back with another story on your favorite host, stay tune to this space till then.

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