Jhumki to sing a remix aarti!
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  • May 30, 2013
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Jhumki’s first few days in the Bharadwaj house have been pretty eventful, what with Khushi threatening to expose her and Siddhant being shocked over her strange behaviour. But now, Jhumki is about to take it up a notch by bringing her own special flavour to the Bharadwaj famiy’s aarti. 

The Bharadwaj family is busy with the preparation of Matarani’s puja, but Jhumki, unaware of how devoted Roli was to Matarani, is not a part of the proceedings. But when the puja finally begins, Jhumki will be caught in an awkward position as she will have to do the aarti with Siddhant. But this is not the end of her troubles. After getting over the reluctance to perform the aarti with someone who is not her husband, Jhumki will be asked to sing an aarti for Matarani.

Now if it were Roli, she would have sung one of her favourite aartis that she knows by heart. But Jhumki, being a banjaaran, has no knowledge of the aartis that are usually sung in Matarani’s praise. But being the resourceful girl that she is, she will launch into a remix aarti, with a filmy beat! 

Obviously, this turn of events will shock the wits out of the family members. And Simar, who lives constantly in fear of Jhumki being exposed, will also be at a loss of words at this development. Thankfully, the normally stern Mataji will not be around to see this ‘performance’ of Jhumki, so we can say that Jhumki will survive this stunt of hers. But will Khushi get another weapon in her arsenal against Jhumki? Watch this space for the latest developments!

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