Jhumki survives Khushi’s fingerprint test! Sasural Simar Ka Recap 12th-18th June
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After Khushi found the papers with Roli’s fingerprints, she forced Jhumki to give her fingerprint sample to the expert. Khushi was irritated when the expert said that the results would come the next day, while Mataji consoled Jhumki, saying she trusted her completely. 

Jhumki wanted to leave before the truth came out but was stopped by Simar. Suddenly, Mausiji called Jhumki downstairs as the results had come out. The family turned on Jhumki when the expert said that the fingerprints didn’t match, and Khushi called the police to take her away. Just as Jhumki struggled to be free from the police, she realized that it was a nightmare. (Watch Jhumki’s dream here)

In Laxmanpur, Bantu lied to Veeru that the girl in the photo was Roli, the girl that Simar was looking for, leaving Veeru disappointed.

At night, Jhumki packed her belongings and tried sneaking out of the house but was caught was Siddhant. Jhumki handled the situation by saying that she was leaving to save the family from Khushi’s jibes. Just as Simar was panicking over Jhumki’s disappearance, Siddhant brought her back. (Watch as Siddhant convinces Jhumki)

The next day, the family was shocked when the fingerprint expert declared that Jhumki’s fingerprints did not match with Roli’s, while Khushi was happy that her point was proven. 

But Jhumki handled the situation by acting hurt about the family trusting the fingerprint expert over their daughter-in-law, which forced them to re-think. Finally, the fingerprint expert checked Jhumki’s thumb and found a wound, which he said was the reason for the mismatch. (Watch as Jhumki handles the situation)

Khushi was incensed when Mataji declared that she was Roli Bharadwaj, but no one was willing to listen to her in front of Jhumki’s sorrowful acting.

A happy Simar treated Jhumki to laddoos and thanked her for handling the situation. Khushi got some support as Veeru came back the next day and decided that they would expose Jhumki. But unknown to Veeru, Bantu had sneaked into the trunk of his car and come to Bharadwaj house. Simar and Prem informed the family that the property matter would be sorted soon. 

Bantu avoided everyone’s eyes and met Jhumki, who was overjoyed to meet her brother. But Khushi heard Bantu’s voice in her room, and barged in, only to find Jhumki watching a kids’ channel. Jhumki also hid Bantu from Simar and Prem, for fear of them getting angry. (Watch as Jhumki hides Bantu)

After Jhumki went out to make arrangements for Bantu, he sneaked out to eat, and was nearly caught by the family. Siddhant met Jhumki and accompanied her to the mandir, where he noticed that she was uncomfortable with him and offered to leave. But Jhumki stopped him and the two prayed together. (Watch Siddhant and Jhumki’s mandir outing here)

Back home, Simar caught Bantu trying to eat food, and took him to Jhumki’s room. While she was getting food for him, she was accosted by Khushi, but managed to get rid of her and make Bantu eat silently. 

When Jhumki came back, Simar asked her to shift Bantu to some other place as it was risky to keep him in the house, but Jhumki put her foot down and said that she would leave if Bantu left, and Simar had to finally agree. (Watch Jhumki's tantrum here)

Prem, Siddhant and Jhumki left for the court hearing, while Simar stayed at home. Khushi also stayed at home to look for clues against Jhumki, and almost chanced upon Bantu in Jhumki’s room, but was stopped by Simar.

Prem came back with the good news that the court had given Veeru and Khushi a week to leave the house.

With Khushi and Veeru desperate for the property, will they create more problems for Jhumki? Or will Jhumki manage to succeed in her task? 

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