Jhumki nearly exposed by Khushi! Sasural Simar Ka Weekly Recap 29th May-4th June
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Veeru and Khushi tried to expose Jhumki by showing her potli to the whole family, but were left shamefaced when it contained only photos of the Goddess. Jhumki yelled at Simar as she thought that Simar had thrown away her family photos to save her from getting exposed, and Simar had to shut her up and show that her possessions were intact. (Watch as Simar makes Jhumki understand)

The next day, while the whole family was busy with the preparations of the puja, Jhumki was sleeping soundly in the room. Simar tried waking her up before the family got suspicious, but Jhumki refused to oblige, till Khushi came and snapped at her. (Watch the scene here)

As Jhumki started getting ready, Khushi brainwashed her, saying that she was doing wrong by pretending to be Siddhant’s wife in front of God. Jhumki, under Khushi’s spell, told Simar that she would not take part in the puja. Just as Khushi was gloating about the fact that Jhumki would not attend the puja, Simar got Jhumki down after convincing her that she was helping the family. (Watch as Khushi’s plan is foiled)

But there was another scare as Jhumki launched into a filmy aarti in place of the regular bhajan, convincing Khushi and Veeru even more about her not being Roli. (Watch Jhumki’s remix aarti here)

Simar had to cheat the family members by playing the morning aarti on the music player. Jhumki, in a bid to save herself from further probing, pretended to fall sick and was asked to rest. Siddhant was distraught over Roli being far away from him even after being in the same house. 

Khushi found that Roli was allergic to raisins so she put raisins in the sweet so that Jhumki could be exposed. She also kept trying to convince Siddhant that Jhumki wasn’t Roli, which angered Siddhant to an extent where he tried to harm Khushi, but was pried off her. 

Jhumki avoided being caught by pretending to be sick after eating the kheer with raisins, foiling Khushi’s plan once again. While Prem and Simar appreciated Jhumki’s presence of mind, Siddhant busied himself with taking care of Jhumki. (Watch the scene here)

Jhumki found it unbearable to fast while the rest of the family, and instructed Simar to bring in food for her.Simar tried to make her understand, but on Jhumki’s insistence, brought her some food. Unfortunately, Khushi recorded Jhumki while eating and showed it to the family, which shocked the family and made them doubt her.

With Jhumki’s every step being shadowed by Khushi, will she be able to convince the family and get the property back? 

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