Jhumki has to kill Simar for Bantu! Sasural Simar Ka Recap: 3rd June-9th June
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Jhumki taunted Veeru and Khushi on their way out, and prayed that nothing bad happens to the Bharadwaj family, which made Simar really happy. While everyone was enjoying the party, Siddhant was ranting to Simar and Prem about Roli never coming back to them. Unfortunately, Mataji overheard the conversation, and collapsed during the party with the shock. The whole family panicked when they heard that Mataji had had a heart attack, and decided not to give her any worries. (Watch as Mataji gives everyone a scare)

When Mataji woke up, she told Jhumki that she wasn’t her Roli, which left Simar shocked. But when Mataji questioned Siddhant about his conversation, Siddhant sidetracked the issue by saying that he was referring to Roli’s memory loss. (Watch as Siddhant manages the situation) 

But things got out of hand when Mataji suggested that Siddhant get married to Roli again to help her bring back her memory. Siddhant was against marrying Jhumki but decided not to say anything for fear of Metaji’s health getting worse. On the other hand, Bantu convinced Jhumki to get married to Siddhant, as both of them liked him. (Watch the scene here)

Siddhant refused to entertain the thought of getting married to Jhumki as he didn’t want to give Roli’s place in his life to anyone. Jhumki overheard this conversation and was heartbroken by it. But when Siddhant met Mataji, he agreed for the wedding in order to keep Mataji happy. They had to face another problem when they found Jhumki missing with only a letter saying that she had left as she couldn’t face the family. (Watch as Jhumki stuns Simar)

Simar handled the situation by saying that she had gone to make living arrangements for Bantu, but decided to hide Jhumki’s truth, but still stop the wedding.

While Mataji was busy making wedding preparations, Simar planned to tell the family the truth. Just then, Jhumki came in and shocked Simar by agreeing to get married to Siddhant. (Watch Jhumki’s decision here)

When Simar questioned Jhumki about her sudden decision, she revealed that she came back because she was worried about Mataji. Siddhant clarified to Jhumki that the wedding was a compromise for him, as he still loved Roli, and Jhumki assured him that she did not have expectations from the marriage. 

Jhumki was constantly getting calls, and when she finally answered one, Veeru told her that Bantu was with him, and he would be killed if she didn’t kill Simar. (Watch as Veeru blackmails Jhumki)

Jhumki was worried about what to do next, and Simar tried to calm her down, but Jhumki decided that she still wasn’t up to the task of killing Simar for Bantu.

Bantu tried to escape the place where he was kept hostage, but Veeru caught him and tied him back. Jhumki also decided that she would do what Veeru said to save Bantu's life.

Jhumki’s growing feelings for Siddhant are in direct conflict with her protectiveness towards Bantu. Will Jhumki manage to harm Simar to save Bantu?

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