Jhumki comes closer to Siddhant: Sasural Simar Ka Recap 5th -11th June
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The whole family was shocked when they saw Jhumki eating in Khushi’s video, especially Manoranjan Mausi, who was heartbroken that Roli had eaten while she was fasting. Simar tried defending Jhumki, saying that she had forced her to eat as she was feeling unwell, but the family didn’t buy it, and were convinced that she was not the Roli that they knew. (Watch as Simar and Jhumki face the family)

Jhumki was annoyed at the whole family insulting her, and Simar had a hard time convincing her that it was their way of showing their love. However, Jhumki later went and apologized to Manoranjan, and the whole family was surprised to see the duo together. (Watch as Jhumki makes up with Manoranjan)

While Veeru was busy tracking down the origins of the fake Roli, Khushi was getting impatient as he didn’t find any leads. On the other hand, Simar thanked Jhumki for making amends with Manoranjan, but Jhumki brushed her off saying that she was just doing her job. She also practiced Roli’s signature with Simar, which reminded Simar of her childhood days with Roli.

Later, Jhumki got a surprise as Siddhant made her follow a trail of roses to the terrace, where he had arranged a surprise for her. Though Jhumki was awkward at first, she was fascinated by Roli and Siddhant’s love story which he narrated, and started warming up to him. (Watch Siddhant’s romantic surprise here)

But before Jhumki could get any closer to Siddhant, Simar took her away, and warned her against going too close to Siddhant, to which an offended Jhumki retorted that she was just pretending to be Roli so that Siddhant would not get suspicious. (Watch as Simar talks to Jhumki)

On the other hand, Siddhant told Prem that he was very happy as he felt that Roli had opened up to him a little and was hopeful that Roli would recognize him soon. 

Veeru’s search in Laxmanpur failed to yield any results, as he couldn’t trace Jhumki. He landed up at Jhumki’s nautanki, but did not see her posters. Veeru also asked one of the nautanki artists about Jhumki, but he refused to reveal anything about her. Bantu overheard that someone was looking for Jhumki, and decided to warn her before she got into trouble. 

Jhumki was still under the effect of her date with Siddhant, and asked Simar about Roli’s relationship with Siddhant, and was surprised when she heard about their perfect relationship, as she had not met such a perfect person before. (Watch as Simar tells Jhumki about Siddhant)

Mataji and Sujata came back, and were very happy to see Jhumki preparing for the puja, and blessed her. Khushi got another idea to expose Jhumki, and called a fingerprint expert to match Jhumki’s fingerprints with Roli’s. Jhumki, Prem and Simar were scared as they thought that their lie would be exposed. Mataji was livid at first but then asked Jhumki to take the test to convince Khushi. (Watch as Mataji convinces Jhumki)

Siddhant stopped the test and demanded to know which fingerprints Khushi would match Jhumki’s fingerprints with, which lead to the whole family looking for anything with Roli’s fingerprints on it. Khushi finally found the property papers which had Roli’s fingerprints on it.

Khushi is getting closer to exposing Jhumki. Will she succeed before Jhumki manages to get the property back? 

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