Jhumki becomes Roli for Simar! Sasural Simar Ka Weekly Recap 15th-21st May
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Khushi and Veeru harassed the whole family by taunting them to get out of the house, and when Siddhant had had enough, he warned Khushi to stay away from his family till they were in the house. (Watch as Siddhant warns Khushi)

Sujata called Prem and asked him to return before the eviction, but Prem asked for some time. Simar refused to pray till Roli came back, but was shocked when she saw Roli (Jhumki) performing on the street! (Watch Simar’s first encounter with Jhumki)

While the family was distraught over losing Roli, Simar was overjoyed to see her Roli. But Jhumki was mad at Simar for spoiling her street show and shooed her away. Later, Simar tracked Jhumki down and hugged her, and realized by Jhumki’s reaction that she was not Roli. (Watch as Simar comes to the heartbreaking conclusion)

Siddhant boosted the family’s spirits by telling them that as long as they were together, nothing bad would happen to them. Prem was quite dejected to find that Jhumki wasn’t Roli, but Simar tracked Jhumki down and asked her to help their family by being Roli for some time. (Click here to watch Simar’s request)

Jhumki was shocked to hear the suggestion, but Simar persisted and told her how Khushi and Veeru had cheated their family. But when Jhumki refused even after Prem offered her money, they decided to leave. (Watch as Jhumki rejects Simar’s proposal)

But Prem’s tactic of playing hard to get worked as Jhumki turned up to help Simar. After agreeing to all of Jhumki’s demands, Simar and Prem started training Jhumki to become Roli. (Watch as Jhumki transforms into Roli)

When Prem yelled at Jhumki for not taking the training seriously, Jhumki left in a huff. The next day too, Simar failed to convince Jhumki to come, and had to resort to leaving her address with a reluctant Jhumki.

The clock was ticking for the Bharadwaj family and when Simar and Prem came back, the family got ready to leave. But just then, Jhumki entered as Roli, and declared that the family wasn’t going anywhere. (Watch as Jhumki’s entry stuns the family)

With Jhumki’s entry, the Bharadwaj family has gotten a new hope. But will Khushi and Veeru let this peace last?

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