Jhooth bole housemates kaate!
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  • November 8, 2013
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The Bigg Boss contestants have been unhappy with Sangram’s diplomatic attitude and his habit of changing his stance and being indesicive all the time. A few days back, he had a heated argument with Armaan over the same topic wherein he was found guilty.

To give Sangram a chance to clarify  all the allegations  and misconceptions   surrounding him, Bigg Boss decided to put him through a lie detector test. Sangram was called inside the Bigg Boss house, where he was asked to answer few questions in a mere Yes or No.

On the other hand, Bigg Boss asked the housemates to give   their opinion to Sangram’s answers by using the placards that said   ‘Sach ‘ and   ‘Jhooth  ‘ on it. Unknown   to the fact that the housemates are watching himl, Sangram gave honest answers to the most controversial questions that had   been bothering all the housemates. 

After Bigg Boss was done with test, he told Sangram that the response to his answers was being scrutinized by the housemates seated in the living area. 

Will Sangram succeed in this test, and come out a clean person or will the contestants still say Liar Liar Pants on Fire?

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