Jay’s marathon shoot for the Mahasangam!
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  • July 25, 2013
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We have often heard stories of starry tantrums of actors on sets, a problem which is solved only after mollycoddling of the said actor by the crew. But once in a while, there comes an instance which not only serves as an exception, but also as an example. We're talking about Jay Soni, aka Kishan of Sanskaar, who recently shot for 40 straight hours for the Tridev Mahasangam episode!

The Tridev Mahasangam is a huge integration which involves 4 leading men from 3 shows- Rathore and Akash from Uttaran, Vasu from Na Bole Tum-2 and Kishan from Sanskaar. Obviously, shooting for this mammoth episode requires a lot of co-ordination from teams of all the shows. But since the story revolves around Bhoomi's kidnapping and Kishan's search for her, Jay Soni had to shoot continuously with actors of the other shows to make the Mahasangam a success.

In the recent days. Jay Soni shot continuously for 40 hours with the Sanskaar and Uttaran teams, and completed a major chunk of his portion of the episode. 

After this marathon shoot, one would expect that the actor would run off to get a good night's sleep. But sadly, Jay Soni could do no such thing. The actor slept only for four hours, and came back to shoot the taxing action sequence which is the culmination of the Mahasangam. 

Though Jay confessed to being sleepy on the sets, this feat also earned him praise from his producer and co-actor, Swapna Waghmare Joshi. All praises for the actor, Swapna said,”I really admire the way he has given his time for the completion of the shoot. We should show our appreciation when actors go out of their way for their work and I'm planning to do it soon.”

Well Jay, after all these efforts we're sure that the Tridev Mahasangam episode will be a super one. And we're also sure that after the shoot is done, Jay will sleep like a log to catch up on his beauty sleep! 

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