Jay annoys me on sets: Tejaswi
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Yes, that’s what Tejaswi, aka Dhara of Sanskaar-2 has to say. Obviously, it’s not a complaint, but it’s pretty surprising, considering the cute chemistry that Tejaswi and Jay share on screen. So let’s investigate further.
As you know, Dhara considers Jai her ‘Bhagwaan’ in the show, and Jay is also quite senior to Tejaswi since he’s been working for a longer time than her. And Jay, being the master funnyman that he is, uses this fact to his full advantage.

Tejaswi says, “On sets, if I’m sitting on a chair between takes and he doesn’t have a chair, he’ll taunt me saying ‘I’m your senior, give me your chair to sit.’ Obviously I don’t get up but he does try and assert his seniority.”

And when Jay doesn’t get his share of respect from Tejaswi, he does pretend to be hurt too. Tejaswi reveals, “Sometimes when his teasing gets too much I say ‘Aye nonsense! Chup Baith!’ or something to that effect, and Jay immediately goes into mock offended mode and says ‘Dekho senior se kaise baat kar rahi hai, ye respect hai tumhari senior ke liye!?’”

We’re sure that these tricks are enough to keep Tejaswi on her toes on the sets of Sanskaar. But Tejaswi also clarifies her funda of seniority before parting. She says, “I don’t blindly respect someone just because of their age. I respect the work that people have done. So I have loads of respect for Jay and consider him a friend.”

That’s really sweet, and as long as this Jodi continues to have superb chemistry on screen, let the lef pulling on sets continue. What say?


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