Janhvi slaps Shaurya! Sasural Simar Ka Recap 18th-24 September
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The Bharadwaj family was very happy when they heard about Pari’s delivery, and while Prem and Simar went home, Janhvi had to remain at the hospital as there had been an emergency case. 

Jahnvi met Shaurya who had had an accident, and asked him to eat the hospital food, which he refused to do. Later, he also accused Janhvi of playing mind games with him to grab his attention, but Janhvi refuted all his allegations, which made Shaurya decide to take revenge against here. (Watch the encounter here)

Pari was welcomed home with a lot of joy, and she immediately handed over the baby to Simar, claiming that she couldn’t take care of him. Simar stayed awake the whole night to take care of the baby, and also decided to name the baby Krishna, which everyone loved. (Watch the scene here)

Roli, Siddhant and Simar discussed Janhvi’s problem and Simar said that she already had a solution for the problem.

Janhvi continued to have a difficult time with Shaurya, who made life difficult for her by opposing her at every turn. Janhvi’s boss was helpless, and asked her to do Shaurya’s bidding or leave after a month’s notice. (Watch Janhvi’s troubles here)

After vowing that he would show Janhvi the power of his wealth, Shaurya irritated her by making her read a magazine to him before sleeping. Later, Janhvi went home really tired, but was called back to the hospital even after working for 24 hours. (Watch the scene here)

Back at Bharadwaj house, Prem discovered that Simar had been awake because Prai’s baby had been crying the whole night and she had to calm him down. Later, Pari’s mother Achala burst into the house with gifts and met her grandson. (Watch the scene here)

When Achala met Pari, she revealed to her that since Pari had given birth to a son, she would ensure that she ruled the Bharadwaj house. She also revealed in front of the family that she was here to stay for atleast 2-3 weeks, and would live in Mausiji’s room.

Shaurya and Janhvi had another showdown when he refused to be treated by anyone else. Janhvi had to do his physiotherapy, and she did so tirelessly for a long time. But when she asked him to hold his hand for a short while she drank water, he deliberately dropped his hand and pretended to be hurt. Janhvi yelled at him for doing so deliberately, and in the ensuing scene, she had to resign from the hospital as Shaurya proved her wrong. (Watch the scene here)

Achala asked Pari to take care of the baby as she didn’t want Simar to take any credit for it, but Pari pretended to be unwell and made Simar take the baby to the hospital. While there, Simar saw Janhvi crying and criticized the Dean for being unfair to Janhvi. As they were leaving, they had an accident with Shaurya’s car, which lead to another war of words between the two. When Shaurya asked Janhvi to stay in her limits, she slapped him, angering him even further. 

Will these encounters with Shaurya change Janhvi’s life? 

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