Janhvi comes to destroy the Bharadwaj family! Sasural Simar Ka Recap 24th-30th July
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Siddhant calmed down Roli after her nightmare and told himself that he would find and punish the person who tortured Roli. On the other hand, a mystery woman decided to destroy Mataji’s family and would meet them soon for the same.

The next day, Mataji and Sujata left for the mandir after blessing Roli while the rest of the family sneakily stayed back for Mataji’s birthday preparations. (Watch as the family fools Mataji)

Outside the mandir, a thief stole Mataji’s purse and ran away, but a girl chased the thief and got the purse back, but was injured in the process. Mataji got the girl home, and she was introduced to the family as Janhvi. (Watch as Janhvi enters the family)

Janhvi also saw Roli laughing and talking to Uma and Pari, and remembered how she had kidnapped Roli from the hospital and kept her hostage. (Watch Janhvi’s plan here)

When the police revealed that Roli had been kept in the purani haveli, Mataji was shocked as it was part of the Bharadwaj family’s property and she considered it as jinxed. Mataji yelled at Simar for not telling her about the haveli. (Watch as Mataji panics)

Janhvi was happy to know that the revelation had shocked Mataji but was troubled when the police started to question Roli about her kidnappers. Roli revealed that her captor had worn a snake bracelet but broke down when the police tried to inquire further. (Watch as Roli is questioned by the police)

Simar noticed Janhvi’s fear during Roli’s questioning, and asked her about it. Janhvi managed to sideline Simar’s questions. 

At night, Mataji woke up as she was scared and narrowly missed seeing Janhvi, who was looking for something in the store room. 

The next day, the whole family was preparing for Mataji’s wedding but Mataji herself was sad and reminisced about a tragic incident that had happened on her birthday many years ago, but was consoled by Sujata. (Watch Mataji’s sorrow here)

Simar caught Janhvi spying on Mataji but Janhi escaped suspicion by saying that she had come to say goodbye. While Simar was in favour of Janhvi leaving, Mataji insisted that she stay. 

Siddhant consoled Roli when she had a flashback of her unpleasant memories, but Siddhant cheered her up and assured her that he would always be with her. 

During Janhvi’s check up, Simar was surprised to see Janhvi’s bracelet which matched the description given by Roli of the kidnapper, but when Simar asked Roli to check the bracelet at dinner time, she saw that it was not the same bracelet. (Watch the scene here)

But it was revealed that Janhvi had changed the bracelet after seeing Simar’s suspicion.

At night, Janhvi found something in the store room after a long search, but was later confronted by Simar about her intention of coming to the Bharadwaj house. Simar warned Janhvii not to hurt her family or she would have to pay. (Watch as Simar confronts Janhvi)

The next day, Simar and the family were surprised to see that Janhvi had gone missing from the house. Simar told Sujata about her conversation with Janhvi, but Sujata refused to believe that Janhvi was a bad person. (Watch the scene here)

On the other hand, Mataji was stressed about her birthday after remembering the bad incident that happened on her birthday, and Sujata had to calm her down. Later, Mataji was surprised by the family with a birthday party, which managed to cheer her up. (Watch the scene here)

During the celebrations, Janhvi also came in, and said that she had a surprise for her.

Will Janhvi manage to succeed in her evil intentions against the Bharadwaj family? Or will Simar be able to stop her?

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